Santos: Substance & Soul
This is a photo gallery of santos that were in the exhibit Santos: Substance & Soul. There are santos from New Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Mexico, and South America. The exhibit was organized by Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education.

You Be the Conservator: Looking at Objects Inside and Out
This web activity recommended for grades 5 and up is designed to teach the science of conservation and the history of the Hispanic American tradition of making santos. The activity is based on the content and concepts of the exhibition Santos: Substance & Soul.

Hispano Music and Culture of the Northern Rio Grande: The Juan B. Rael Collection
This is an online presentation of religious and secular music of Spanish-speaking residents of rural Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.
The Idea of the Icon: The Retablo Collection at New Mexico State University
The University Art Gallery at New Mexico State University houses one of the largest collections of Mexican retablos in North America.

New Mexico Digital History Project
The online portal to exploring New Mexicos history and culture from the New Mexico Office of the State Historian.